Uploading video to Youtube fails. How do I fix this?

Follow the steps below to upload recorded file to YouTube from liteCam program.

1. Click “Sign in” on the YouTube site as shown below. (You must have a Google account ID.)

2. To login to Google Account enter your ID and Password as shown below.

3. After logging in, go to YouTube screen and click “Upload”.
You cannot upload to YouTube through liteCam if the screen as shown below appears because you haven’t created any YouTube channel. Fill all the requested information and click “Continue”.
If the page as shown below doesn’t appear instead Upload screen appear then skip to step 4 to upload.

4. On the upload screen, on the top-right corner click Google account, as shown below, if you click the email address on the popup window you will be forwarded to the Google account settings screen.

5. On the Google account manager screen, click the security tab as shown below, and select settings for the “Access for less secure apps” under “Account permissions.”

6. Check “Enable” on the screen as shown below, and click “Done”.

Now you can upload recorded videos from liteCam HD program.

7. Start liteCam and go to Preview mode.
You can upload videos which has “Upload to YouTube” enabled, as shown below.



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